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Big Data analysis for business intelligence

Logtrust specializes in offering real-time BigData solutions that allow the integration, management and easy visualization of all the data generated by an organization to obtain operational and business intelligence.

Logtrust collects, correlates and analyses machine, system and user data in real-time to offer unprecedented capabilities of security intelligence, Business and IT monitoring, operation and applications management and compliance.

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With Logtrust, you will…

  • Integrate all your data, from the infrastructure to the business. From days, months and years available with a single click.
  • View all your business insights in dashboards and get alerts on any parameter you need, always in real-time.
  • Preconfigured correlation libraries. Security, monitoring, webservers and much more.
  • All your information, regardless of where it was generated or its volume, in a single point for analysis.


How it works ? Get ready in only five steps !



Data collection

Send all your machine data regardless of the size (it doesn´t matter if you produce 1 Mb/day or 1 Tb/day, or require one month of past information or one year), the source or the location.

Logtrust provides a platform where you can integrate all your information, from infrastructure to business, no matter where your systems are located (in the cloud or on premise); no matter the type of your data (structured or unstructured).

Log centralization

Every process that is carried out by a machine generates a log and it is crucial to analyze these so as to have a complete view of what is going in your systems and your business. This log generation results in ever growing volumes of data from many different sources, making it essential to have a unique platform that can centralize all this information, allowing for simple, fast and efficient analysis.

Search for an event in hundreds of systems, know where an error occurred in a globally distributed architecture, find all the assets to which a given user has connected… all in just seconds and in a single place.


Logtrust treats all information like a database, parsing all the logs, but without normalization. You don´t have to lose anything from the information you are integrating. All data can be treated in Logtrust´s system to extract the most from it, from standard format to proprietary data, all with maximum expressiveness.

Everything is accessible and available in real-time.


Logtrust enables efficient and flexible real-time alert management, allowing you to use pre-built as well as customizable alerts.

You can see a timeline with everything that is occurring in your platform; add comments, define tasks for each alert and even add comments on previous comments, allowing you to keep everything under control.

You can assign individual notification policies for each alert. Alert Delivery: Email, SMS, HTTP/Webservice, Jira, Service Desk

Visualize your data

Logtrust offers easy visualization of large volumes of data. Our visualization tools gives you a level of knowledge about what’s happening in your company that you have never witnessed before.

You can choose from a wide range or maps, diagrams, tables and charts that will allow you to visualize key indicators and assist you in the decision making process.

Always in real time.

Social Intelligence

Logtrust’s platform offers mechanisms to socialize intelligence between members of the Logtrust user community. All the intelligence produced by Logtrust users: custom alerts, dashboards, queries, applications etc., can be shared with the Logtrust community for free or priced under a revenue sharing model.

Because problems are not unique, with Logtrust social intelligence you can access the solutions shared by other users: identified problems, graphs and dashboards, new ways to represent your data, ways to find the cause of a specific problem… all with a simple click of your mouse.

INSIGHTS – Because Logtrust think about every aspect of your infrastructure and your business, Logtrust worry about your priorities and values focusing who you are and what you want to do. Logtrust align with your values.


Security Intelligence

Real-time security monitorization and alerting.

With Logtrust service you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your security. Use our powerful query, correlation and reporting tool, create dashboards to keep you informed in real-time about your most important information, and monitor your systems and users’ activity and more.

Business Monitoring

Global business visibility in Real-Time.

You can create and personalize your dashboard to include the most relevant information for your company and/or business and set business alerts (delivered in real-time) to inform you of important events within your business, such as: every time there’s a new sale, each time there’s a new subscriber for your applications, when sales surpass a fixed amount …

IT Monitoring

Global business visibility in Real-Time.

The Logtrust system monitoring application provides the real-time status of customers’ infrastructures, analyzing a large set of parameters and showing detailed charts with each machine’s historical data.

Behavioral Analytics

Discover the future.

The Logtrust Behavioral Analytics engine consists of a set of metrics that allows you to be informed about the habits of your systems, applications and related variables.

Real-time Big Data

Real-time every time

The Logtrust Big Data Cloud Technology platform allows companies of any size to gain real-time operational and business intelligence.


Meet multiple requirements for collecting, storing and auditing event data.

Most IT/security laws, regulations and best practices require data to be held for specific periods of time, the protection, tracking and control of access and usage of sensitive information and the monitoring of logs.

Complement your SIM/SIEM

Raise your security levels

Integrate your company logs and even those of your SIM/SIEM with Logtrust and increase your correlation possibilities while raising your security levels.

Unique point of view

All your information analyzed in a single platform

A single entry point to analyze events from firewalls, systems or webservers, all data generated by your applications, in short, all your machine data…


Enrich your data and obtain mainingful insights

The Logtrust platform provides easy to use and real-time geolocation capabilities, enriching your data and allowing visualization on a wide range of maps.

Logtrust’s mission is to democratize real-time BigData analysis tools for companies of all sizes and sectors, enabling them to maximize their business value with security intelligence, infrastructure monitoring, compliance, customer behavior and business monitoring solutions.

Logtrust’s Cloud based model has taken the best of the Cloud in terms of price and scalability to offer a holistic solution that will allow clients to manage their logs in a secure way, in and from the Cloud, with no limits on the source of the data, its volume, or the geographical location.

Logtrust also offers hybrid cloud and on-premise models to meet specific customer needs. Logtrust’s solution collects logs (from infrastructure, networks, applications and business tools) to create a secure information environment where the client can receive alerts, run correlations and query the data in real-time, giving them the means to address all security concerns, meet different compliancy requirements and monitor and analyze business metrics on a single platform.

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