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FAMOC by Fancyfon


EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management

FAMOC is designed to deliver everything IT needs to control every aspect of enterprise mobility. Available as a highly-scalable cloud or on-site solution, FAMOC delivers real-time centralized control of all smartphones and tablets including iPhone and iPad, Google Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

FAMOC™ is a flexible and open mobile device lifecycle management solution, enabling any number of smartphones using a variety of operating systems, to be centrally and remotely managed, over the Internet.

FAMOC is designed to suit the requirements of organizations who wish to centrally manage a large fleet of smartphone devices, and who have a desire to radically improve the security of their handsets and associated data. As such, FancyFon has customers in the government, telco, financial, energy and pharmaceutical sectors. Additionally, FancyFon is leading the way in MDM for the mass market, vastly improving mobile transaction security in mobile banking solutions, and offering handset and web-based end user self care solutions for mobile service providers.
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