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The innovative solution for your data security

The world’s first solution that combines the analysis of the data flow with according safeguards.

Data is one of the most important assets of any organisation, and so it should be protected. Data loss or theft can lead to reputational damage, legal issues and in the worst possible cases destroy a business.

EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION protects data wherever it is stored: on computers, the web, in the cloud, on external storage media, on smart phones, tablets etc.

Protection has to be implemented with minimal effort and costs, but nevertheless achieve a maximum level of security. This can be achieved with our SAFE&SAVE CONCEPT – this way data security can even be fun for employees.

An optimal security concept must not be based on speculative fears, but on concrete facts. We combine the data flow analysis INSIGHT with corresponding safeguards in one solution. After configuration with our 20 PROTECTION MODULES, INSIGHT continues to provide information concerning the level of protection and therefore detects the need to adapt security measures.



EgoSecure Data Protection 10 is the first solution with an approach that extends the already proven 20 PROTECTION MODULES by the innovative INSIGHT module. This is a new step in data security.

Firstly, Insight analyzes the general situation in the network e.g.:

  • which USB storage devices were actually used over a defined period of time
  • which data was saved on them or brought into the company
  • which data was stored in the cloud
  • which applications were actually used
  • and more.


The results of this analysis are prepared according to management demands and presented in graphs and tables. Of course the personal rights of employees are considered. Insight provides the facts to present the overall situation of data security for every business and organization individually. Moreover, protection measures which are required can be introduced right away. The analysis and protection measures are closely interrelated in the solution via one management console, database, administration concept and installation.

“Safe & Save”

EGOSECURE solutions are developed in Germany, based on the SAFE&SAVE concept. They provide comprehensive protection to ensure security levels required by German law and regulations, while also achieving a real ROI within less than one year.


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