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Backup encryption is vital in today’s business where much of the data may be sensitive and it is difficult to isolate what is sensitive and what is not. The way to ensure nothing is compromised is to encrypt all data in a backup but also to ensure the ability to restore information is not compromised by the way this is achieved.


The Paranoia3 provides a straightforward, non-disruptive and high performance AES Encryption solution for backup environments.


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The SecureCopy3 system offers a fast, efficient and straightforward means of converting an existing stock of unencrypted archive tapes to a secure archive without the need for any system connection.

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iSecure is the operations management package for the Paranoia range, this includes a GUI and hardware to allow Paranoia or SafeTape units to be managed via the smart card system.

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iCard is a key management package for the Paranoia range, which allows for the personalisation of smart cards for use with the iSecure Solution.

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